ABC of Adolescence (ABC Series)

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There may be hope for the future yet.

Teen Spirit - Full Movie Family Fantasy Comedy Drama

Blending all the pitfalls of high school life with the occasional dip-in from the spirit world, Sabrina broke free from a certain kind of multi-camera restriction to offer up a comedy that was timeless for more reasons than the immortality of its characters. Well, you catch our drift.

Equipped with a sugar-filled ability to never stop speaking at breakneck speeds and see the pop-culture absurdity in any situation, Lorelai ushered her daughter into the world off the page. The series was so beloved, it inspired a four-part limited series sequel on Netflix.

The Best Teen TV Dramas of All Time

This short-lived ABC comedy remains memorable for its distinct quirks. While it technically began as a father-daughter story about life in the suburbs, the show quickly built out its unique perspective on the world of the affluent and accordingly strange.

For three seasons, the sweet Amazon series looked at that moment of transition as an opportunity; a defining point in time where boys and girls in school became men and women of the world. Unfortunately, it was canceled after one brief season. Funny, sweet, and touching, this was the rare series that never lost its footing even early on.

The young Chris Tyler James Williams is a runt who winds up switching to a predominantly white school in order to receive a better education. But even as Chris copes with growing up, his parents Terry Crews and Tichina Arnold also struggle with how to provide for their kids. All Rights Reserved.

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16 Best (And 5 Worst) Teen Dramas, Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes

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